Grady Ranch Farms


  GRADY RANCH is a local third generational family farm located near Whigham, a small Southwest Georgia town.  GRADY RANCH practices natural and environmentally sustainable stewardship of the land.


Our Angus cattle are raised on open rotationally grazed pastures. The cattle graze and grow at their own rate.  They are free of hormones or antibiotics.  During portions of the year when grazing is not available, the cattle are supplemented with dry hay and haylege that we grow and store on site ourselves.  GRADY RANCH feels that grass fed, all natural, pasture raised is better for the environment, for the animal, and for you.


We are certified 100% Grass Fed by the American Grassfed Association.  We sell live steers delivered to the butcher of your choice.  This allows you to have the meat cut and packaged to your own specifications.  The cost of processing is not included in the price of the animal.  We will deliver free of charge to the processing facilitiy within 50 miles.  Longer distances will be charged per mile.


For planning purposes, packaged meat usually equals approximately 40% of the live weight of the animal.  For example:  a1000 pound steer will yield about 400 pounds of packaged meat.  If this is more meat than you would like at once, we encourage you to include family, friends, and neighbors.



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Grady Ranch Farms

2109 Harrell Road

Whigham, Georgia 39897

Bill West - (229)-378-7673